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From Little Tots with twinkling eyes - to Seniors aged and wise,
The Doctor will see you now!


When you’re experiencing common cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms, “You’re so tired, even your tiredness is tired:)” That’s where we come in. Walk in, get checked, feel better. We can help treat those double ear infections that keep baby and mom ‘n dad up at night, as well as the mysterious rash that appeared out of nowhere. See our expert providers for asthma and allergy care too. Swift Urgent Care offers Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric care for any physical unwellness. Our specialized doctors provide treatment as well for women’s health related issues such as pregnancy nausea, menopausal symptoms, urinary pain, and more. The doctor will see you now, and help you get better, faster!

Injury & Trauma Care

We’re prepared for the unplanned. From sore sprains to muscle pains, stinging burn boo-boos to open wounds, sudden injuries or aches can leave you in unexpected agony. Treat your debilitating back or neck pain, come on in and be seen by trauma care specialists who will validate your body’s expression of discomfort by treating the source! Don’t push away pain, don’t push it off… care for those around you by taking care of YOU first. We’re prepared and ready to get you better, faster.



Come on in, and bring your family along for flu shots that will prevent and lessen the severity of the infectious disease. Flu shots are vital for your health; don’t delay- come on in today. Make it an outing! It’s free, and truly important.

Due for life-saving vaccines/ booster shots? Protect your health today, and walk in to promptly receive your necessary shot on the spot. Get your preferred Covid vaccine right away so you can stay safe and safeguard those you love.

STD Testing

Comprehensive and confidential, our STD testing is simple and swift. Our on-site STD tests are essential, and geared for both men and women. More often than not you may seem to be fine without any symptoms when suffering from an STDwalk in to get tested today

Physical Examinations

Have all your physical exam needs covered by the Swift team, smoothly and smartly. We’re here for your annual checkup, school, camp or office wellness forms exams, and other wellness analyses. Don’t waste your precious time waiting for doctors’ appointments- Come on in, be seen faster, and get right back to your business!


Our Urgent Care Center is fully equipped to handle your lab work needs in a seamless and Swift manner. We have a quick turnaround on all bloodwork, cultures, and urinalysis, and also offer rapid antigen tests (for common illnesses) with ready results in minutes. Need an EKG? Skip the wait, forget the hassle, and simply walk in to receive our professional EKG services in-house. The devoted staff will contact you with updated results in a convenient manner for you, so that you can relax and know you did yours. The rest will be taken care of in the best possible way, and faster. The Swift way, of course.